Our Ethos

Kensho is the experience of one’s true nature and essence. The calm awareness of your surroundings, a feeling that fills the air. Mindfully crafted from the earth, Kensho draws from the nature around you into the nature within. Using essential oils and herbs to capture your aroma and enliven your senses.

Inspired by the sense of calm one finds in nature, Kensho uses earth-drawn aromas to recreate that feeling at home. We source oils and herbs of the highest quality to ensure a genuine experience of nature. Our ingredients are consciously extracted and crafted in their purest form, formulating products that are mindful of the earth as well as your senses. All our products are designed with careful attention to detail and sensory awareness, elevating your space with a decorative touch. Kensho welcomes you to a new experience of your self, your surroundings, and all your senses.

Our Intention

Our intention is to evoke emotion and harmoniously integrate into one's space. There is nothing overpowering or arresting about Kenshō, merely calm awareness of your surroundings. Drawing inspiration from cultures that celebrate this internal sense of wellbeing, we combine ancient Egyptian herbal healing with Japan’s minimal and essentialist way of living.

Our philosophy is that a fragrance should neither overwhelm a room nor a product overwhelm the planet. With a commitment to global standards and a sensibility to the environment, the Kenshō intention is to respect nature by using pure extracts from the earth. Our products are carefully crafted to preserve the ingredients’ pure and natural benefits; creating products that are friendly to the home as well as the environment.

Our Materials

The Kenshō collections are a meditation on understated elegance and refined luxury. Each element celebrates nature’s sophisticated simplicity in its own way. Using the purest olfactory essential oils, streamline designs made with uniquely textured clay; mindfully crafted from the earth and deceptively simple packaging; the Kenshō intention is to pay homage to nature’s immaculate design and its ability to transform and elevate our environments and therefore our overall wellbeing.

Kenshō sources oils, herbs, and earth-drawn ingredients of the highest quality from their respective origins, preserving all-natural benefits in our products. With an ethos of mindfulness, wellness, and sustainability, Kenshō draws from ancient cultures and traditions that share the same values. Inspired by our essence, Kenshō’s aesthetic design focuses on visual harmony and sensory balance, integrating effortlessly into your space.